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Wilmington College 2005 

 Cool Season Forage Crops

Common Name:

Kentucky Bluegrass

Latin Name:

Poa pratensis



Crop Origin:

North America


Cool season  perennial

Date Planted:

19 May, 2005

Growth Stages in Ohio

Kentucky Bluegrass Jan 1 06.JPG (2843155 bytes) Kentucky bluegrass feb 6 06.JPG (1515936 bytes) Kentucky Bluegrass March 4 06.JPG (3090438 bytes) Kentucky Bluegrass Apr 4 06.JPG (3314181 bytes) Kentucky bluegrass May 5 06.JPG (2785223 bytes) Kentucky bluegrass June 5 06.JPG (3390148 bytes)
January February March April May June
Kentucky bluegrass July 3 06.JPG (2766413 bytes) Kentucky bluegrass 7aug05.JPG (2552304 bytes) Kentucky bluegrass 3 sep 05.JPG (2648756 bytes) Kentucky bluegrass 1 oct 05.JPG (2582814 bytes) Kentucky bluegrass 4 Nov 05.JPG (2759685 bytes) Kentucky bluegrass 2 dec 05.JPG (3504983 bytes)
July August


October November December

Cultivation in Ohio

Primary Uses:

Forage, Turf


Broadcast and packed or drilled to a depth of 0.125-0.25 inches depth.  Best times are early spring and fall.  Germination requires watering over a period of 14 days to ensure uniform stands. 

 Seeding Rate:

6-12 lbs pure live seed/acre.  


Prefers soils around pH 7.0.  Apply 80 lbs N/acre in March and another 50-60 lbs N/acre in September for forage production.  Soil tests should be done to maintain high levels of P and K.


Grubs cause the most serious damage to pastures.  Control is most economically achieved through grazing and cultural management.  Grub damage can also be reduced by interseeding legumes.  Other insects causing damage include Japanese beetles, May beetles, Green June beetles, and cutworms. 


Common diseases include leaf spot, crown rot, root rot, rhizome rots, stripe rusts, and powdery mildew.


Kentucky Bluegrass is resistant to grazing since the growing tips remain close to the ground.  Grazing can begin when 5 inches tall but it should stop when reduced to 1.5-2 inches.  


Grows well in early spring and fall.  Spreads by rhizomes.



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 Kentucky_ Bluegrass_ flower.jpg (1693868 bytes) Kentucky bluegrass plant.jpg (1183968 bytes)


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