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 Leguminous Forage Crops

Common Name:

Sweet Clover

Latin Name:

Melilotus officinalis


Yellow Blossom

Crop Origin:



Perennial legume

Date Planted:

9 April, 2004

Growth Stages in Ohio

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January February March April May June
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July August


October November December

Cultivation in Ohio

Primary Uses:

Forage and nectar source for beekeeping


Yellow varieties tend to reseed better than others.  Seeds should be scarified before planting.  Best planting time is March or April at 1/4 to 1/2 inches depth.

 Seeding Rate:

10-15 lbs/acre


Each ton of forage removes 10-15 lbs phosphate and 40-60 lbs potash.  The same amounts should be returned to the soil every year.  Soil pH should be at least 6.5.  It can produce a crop on clay pan soils or on sands where alfalfa or red clover fail.  


Aphids are the most common insect.  They also act as a vector of virus diseases.


Bean Yellow Mosaic virus is the most common disease.


Second year production is good for spring grazing from May to late July.  Hay tends to be "stemmy" and usually is limited to one cutting per year.  Flowering for bee nectar production may be extended by mowing a part in late bud stage. 


Considered an invasive weed in Nebraska, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Ohio.  It is a moderately toxic plant due to Coumarin in the plant which is converted to dicoumarin during improper curing or when the plant is stressed from frosts or drought.



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