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Common Name:


Latin Name:

Nicotiana tabacum


Clay's 403

Crop Origin:

North America


Annual burley type

Date Planted:

25 May, 2005

Growth Stages in Ohio

Tobacco Jan 1 06.JPG (3557264 bytes) Tobacco feb 6 06.JPG (2022090 bytes) Tobacco March 4 06.JPG (3515447 bytes) Tobacco Apr 4 06.JPG (3374195 bytes) Tobacco May 5 06.JPG (2790103 bytes) Tobacco 3 June 05.JPG (3037792 bytes)
January February March April May June
Tobacco 1 July 05.JPG (3585315 bytes) Tobacco 7aug05.JPG (2118818 bytes) Tobacco 3 sep 05.JPG (2424915 bytes) Tobacco 1 oct 05.JPG (2840295 bytes) Tobacco 4 Nov 05.JPG (2744970 bytes) Tobacco 2 dec 05.JPG (3619059 bytes)
July August


October November December

Plants donated by Mr. Brian Michael

Cultivation in Ohio

Primary Uses:



Transplant around June 1st. with 18 inches between plants and 40 inches between rows.

 Seeding Rate:

Seed in greenhouse in March.  Plant pelletized seed 1 seed per cell on floater packs.  Alternatively, plant 2  level teaspoons of seed on 900 sq. ft. of sterilized beds.


Optimum soil pH is around 6.4.  Nitrogen application varies with management and yield goals.  For a yield goal of 2500 lb/A, a total annual application of 250 lb N/A is recommended in split applications.  Apply P and K according to soil tests.  Continuous tobacco production tends to deplete soil fertility.  A 3 year rotation with only 1 year of  tobacco is recommended.  


In spite of the poisonous nature of nicotine several insects are serious pests on Tobacco.  They include Apids, Budworms, Cutworms, Flea Beetles, Hornworm, Looper, Snowy Tree Cricket, Tobacco Wireworm and Vegetable Weevils.


Blue Mold is a serious disease in the nursery.  In the field major diseases are Black Shank, Frog Eye Leaf Spot (Cercospora nicotianae), Fusarium Wilt, Pythium Root Rot, Rhizoctonia Root Rot, Target Spot, and several viruses.


Stalks should be cut when nearly all the upper leaves show a distinct yellow tinge.  Hang to dry and cure.


Total tobacco acreage is declining in the US.           TCS



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